National Grid customers choose Solar Gardens.

Our solar farms allow you to choose a green energy option with no annual fees, no cost to enroll and no panels on your home.

What is Community Solar?

Community Solar is the green energy option that makes solar available to renters and homeowners with no up front costs or expensive solar panels. Instead, solar farms supply clean solar power to the local utility grid. Solar energy is then allocated to your utility account based on your electricity usage. Your utility credits you the value of the solar electricity allocated and you pay for the credits you received at a guaranteed discount.

Here’s how it works:





Our solar farms generate power from the sun.


Renewable solar power goes into the local utility electricity grid.


You get a discount on the solar credits applied to your utility bill.

It’s Simple:

Our community solar farms send renewable energy to National Grid. You avoid the hassle and expense of solar panels on your roof.

National Grid gives you a credit on your bill based on your share of the renewable power we provide. The credit reduces what you pay to National Grid. 

Then you pay Solar Gardens Massachusetts less than the amount credited to you by National Grid – that’s guaranteed savings. 

About Solar Gardens

We named our company Syncarpha to reflect our mission: investing in renewable energy. Syncarpha is a plant in the sunflower family more commonly known as “the everlasting.” We started in 2009 with a goal of being developers and long-term owners of distributed renewable energy projects. Since then, we have worked closely with local developers, construction companies, electricians and others to do our part to help solar grow. We continue to focus on working closely with the communities we serve.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Monthly discount on solar credits received

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National Grid Customers: